Boží Dar

The conference takes place in Boží Dar, the highest located town of the Czech Republic (1028 mts. above sea level), which happens to be also the third smallest Czech town. Klínovec, the highest mountain of the Krušné hory range, is nearby. Details on Boží Dar and its rich history can be found at the Wikipedia page or the official page of the town (Czech only).


Accommodation is booked in Hotel Praha, at the rate of 680 CZK per person and night (double room) and 880 CZK per person and night (single room). Lectures will take place in the charming lecture hall of the hotel. A swimming pool and a sauna (by arrangement) are available to the guests.


Getting there

When travelling by car from Prague, take road No. 7 from Prague to Chomutov, continue to Ostrov nad Ohří and via Jáchymov to Boží Dar.

When coming by public transport, the following connections can be used on Monday, June 1 (subsequent transport to Boží Dar will be provided):

  • bus Praha-Cheb, change in Karlovy Vary to bus Karlovy Vary-Potůčky, get off at Jáchymov, Abertamská zatáčka:
    • Praha-Florenc 8:30 - Karlovy Vary, tržnice MHD 10:40
    • Karlovy Vary, tržnice MHD 10:54 - Jáchymov, Abertamská zatáčka 11:43
  • bus Praha-Jáchymov:
    • Praha-Florenc 8:00 - Jáchymov, radnice MHD 10:55
  • train Praha-Cheb, get off at Ostrov nad Ohří:
    • Praha hl.n. 7:30 - Ostrov nad Ohří 10:32
  • train Praha-Cheb, get off at Ostrov nad Ohří:
    • Praha hl.n. 9:30 - Ostrov nad Ohří 12:32

If you wish to use one of these options (even if you indicated a later time of arrival upon your registration), please send us an email. Individual transport from the above places, or other places nearby, can also be arranged at other times in the week. To search for connections by public transport, use the web page (there is an icon to switch the page to English).