The conference starts on Monday, May 28, 2018 and ends on Wednesday, May 30, in the afternoon.

Tentative programme

Monday, May 28

9:00 registration
9:50 opening
10:00-10:55 J. Grytczuk Thue type problems for geometric graphs
10:55-11:25 coffee break
11:25-12:20 P. Holub Forbidden induced subgraphs
12:30-13:00 problem session
13:00 oběd
15:00-15:25 J. Tětek On the simultaneous minimum spanning trees problem
15:25-15:50 J. Fiala On empty-ply realizations of trees
15:50-16:20 coffee break
16:20-16:45 I. Fabrici Longest cycles in essentially 4-connected planar graphs
16:45-17:10 R. Lukoťka Perfect matchings in highly cyclically connected regular graphs
17:10-17:35 M. Tamášová On scarce and frequent cycles in polyhedral graphs
17:35-18:00 T. Kaiser Edge-critical factors of Schrijver graphs
18:00 welcome party

Tuesday, May 29

9:00-9:55 A. Rosa Perfect 1-factorizations
9:55-10:50 M. Maceková Computational complexity of 3-coloring problem for claw-free graphs
10:50-11:20 coffee break
11:20-11:45 P. Vrána Closure for $\{K_{1,4},K_{1,4}+e\}$-free graphs
11:45-12:10 V. Slívová Colouring $(P_r+P_s)$-free graphs
12:10-12:35 R. Šámal Linear bound for majority coloring
12:35-13:00 E. Vojtková Incidence coloring of graphs
13:00 lunch
15:00-15:25 J. Karabáš Six-cycles and perfect matchings in snarks
15:25-15:50 M. Mockovčiaková Semistrong edge-coloring of graphs
15:50-16:20 coffee break
16:20-16:45 J. Valiska Facial $L(2,1)$-labelings of trees
16:45-17:10 P. Kovář Extended handicap labelings of graphs
17:10-17:35 S. Rindošová Unique-maximum coloring of plane graphs
17:35-18:00 D. Fronček Nearly Platonic graphs
19:00 conference dinner

Wednesday, May 30

9:00-9:55 B. Lužar Star edge-coloring
9:55-10:50 M. Pergel Posets and graphs with geometric representations
10:50-11:20 přestávka
11:20-11:45 D. Kuboň Hypercube spanners in small dimensions
11:45-12:10 M. Pokorný On distance signless Laplacian integral complete multipartite graphs
12:10-12:35 T. Raiman Conditions for adding vertices to $(k,g)$-graphs
12:35-13:00 J. Závada Orientation of almost regular graphs
13:00 lunch
15:00-15:25 J. Kratochvíl Geometric representations of graphs: Representation extension versus simultaneous representations
15:25-15:50 Z. Ryjáček Hamiltonian results in a subclass of claw-free graphs
15:50-16:20 farewell coffee break

Programme Committee

Tomáš Dvořák Igor Fabrici Jiří Fiala Dalibor Fronček
Tomáš Kaiser Petr Kovář Jan Kratochvíl Jaroslav Nešetřil
Jan Obdržálek Zdeněk Ryjáček Roman Soták Martin Škoviera
Jozef Širáň